Sunday, May 6, 2012

Look what I can do!

First, and update:

  • May 5 - 228.6
  • April 28 - 229.2
  • January 2 (start date) - 256
Progress is progress, and I think I have officially hit the point of hard work.  I am not worried, though, because the number one thing that impacts my weight is my diet, and mine is completely straightened out.  Besides, I do not know if my body could physically handle me going back to a junkie diet again.

When driving home from an activity this weekend, I came to a realization as to how far I have come since the beginning of the year (do not get me started on when I weighed nearly 270 pounds).  Since 10AM Saturday morning I have:
  • Swam a mile (in 55 min 40 sec, mind you)
  • Performed some minor yard work
  • Washed two cars
  • Bleached a deck
  • Cooked/grilled out for company
  • Chores around the apartment
  • Set up a scanner
  • Cooked lunch for company
  • Helped someone list an apartment on Craigslist
  • Walked around Fells Point, Baltimore for two hours
  • Played drums for an hour and a half
  • Laundry (in progress)
Yes, this was an exceptionally busy weekend, but that is not my point.  My point is I would not have had the energy to do all of this in 36 hours just a couple months ago.  I also know that I am going to get an incredible night's sleep tonight (also a rarity when you are morbidly obese), and I will be ready to take on the week.

It feels amazing to have all this energy!

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