Sunday, May 20, 2012

Five and zero: two milestones

Here are the numbers:

  • May 20 - 224.8
  • May 13 - 228.2
  • January 2 (start date) - 256
That's right; not only have I lost 30 pounds to date, but I lost a five (that is, I am now under 225 pounds).  The last time I was at this weight was in October 2009 (this date sticks out because a back injury that took place during that month that really made me lose focus), and does it ever feel good.  As an added bonus, my arms have never looked this good (thank you, swimming and yoga).

I have been randomly snapping pictures of my progress, and it is getting completely obvious now.  Check these out (the before was taken January 2; the after was taken May 11):

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