Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, fitness style

First, here is the weekly update:
  • May 13 - 228.2
  • May 5 - 228.6
  • January 2 (start date) - 256
Slow and steady wins the race (although I did shave 2 minutes and 10 seconds off my mile this week), and I am still going in the right direction.  I also had a really cool thing happen on Friday.  I have been receiving treatment for plantar fasciitis, and on Friday I got a cortisone shot in my heel.  Knowing the intense pain that was going to kick in within a couple hours of the shot, I went straight to the pool.  I swam until I could not stand it anymore (which was about 40% of a mile), and when climbing out of the pool I was not the slightest bit tired.  Does that mean I am in shape?

This week's blog is dedicated to moms, and more specifically my mom.  Other than just being generally awesome, just three years ago she decided to change her life from sedentary to active.  So active, in fact, that at the age of 51 she decided to start training to run a 5K.  Since that day, she has a half dozen 5Ks under her belt, and she finished the Toledo Zoo 5K yesterday in just 35 minutes 57 seconds.  Not bad for someone who just started running three short years ago!

Keep up the good work, mom, and your son is proud of you!

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